Do you like to learn,
Are you passionate to know more,
Do you like to do it on your own terms ?

If you answer this question with YES, then you are in the right place :").

I have been always interested in learning about many diverse topics and over the years I found out that it is very hard to remember everything you learn. It is easy to forget if you don't practice the craft repeatedly and routinely.

  • The more you know, the less you remember ...
  • For this reason I decided to document things as I go along. It is a very good way to see what I've really understood.
    Not only there is the side benefit that other people can learn a thing or two too, but now I know I can revisit last passions at my leisure ;).
    The other thing which I want to promote as much as I can is :

  • Learning from scratch ...
  • Any technical and scientific topic normally use its own jargon and methodologies and it is often hard to navigate, when you are just starting to know the terrain. There is the need for build up from the simple ideas to appreciate more advanced ones.
    You would I hope agree with me that sites like Wikipedia are good as reference for specialists, but not for learning from the basics.

    Of course I'm fully aware that one soul can't substitute for thousands of knowledgeable people, but I will try to fill a gap in this small corner of the Internet.

    Now you are probably tired of my blabering and will want to jump to the : Table of content

    If you are interested in programming you may wish to look here for the source code used in the programming articles and more.